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Green Goblin Glass Pipe


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Product Highlights:

  • Unique Green and Black Design
  • Hand Blown in The United States
  • Easy To Use and Portable Size
  • Easy To Maintain and Clean

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Whether you love the Green Goblin or are a fan of various goblin strains, both men and women alike can enjoy the lime green and black design of this intricate glass pipe. From swirls in the bowl to more curved stripes in the mouthpiece, the design doesn’t stop at any point. The aforementioned glass pipe is handcrafted with both love and psychedelic design in mind, and you’re going to be able to enjoy for a great price. Weighing in at around .5lbs in weight, you can bring this compact yet delicate glass pipe anywhere your heart desires. When you light up, the green and the black plus the fire of the herb will create a gorgeous and mind blowing experience of relaxation and more. If you’re looking for a lightweight and effective glass pipe that clashes affordability and handcrafted dreams – you’ve come to the right place.

Featuring spiral glasswork up the side of the pipe, as well as wave and spiral black designs on the sides of the bowl and mouthpiece, you’re going to be able to stop others in their tracks for a look at your piece. With hints of glitter up the area that connects the bowl to the mouthpiece, you’re able to light up and have a hint of glitter to your light experience. Easy to clean and use, with the right love and attention to this piece, you’re able to use this for years to come. Once you purchase this, you won’t want any other glass pipe as the design never gets old and is fun for the eye to play with as you light up with your favorite strain. What’re you waiting for? Get lots in the streets or sheets with this Green Goblin glass pipe masterpiece today!

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